Unusual Container Garden Ideas


Brilliant and unique gardening ideas by gardening enthusiasts. Some of the do it yourself tips are really original, and maybe you will like them too. Planting the herbs and flowers in a shoe is just something that you don’t see that often.

Jill Bauer gives us some outside of the box container gardening ideas. From using rain boots to a refurbished dresser, give your garden a unique look!

For more ideas from Jill: http://qvc.co/JillDIYs

I am completely enamored of different types of glass jars and so I thought maybe we could find a way to mount these glass jars onto a wood board and turn them into an herb garden. And so I’m going to show you how easy it can be to do that. The next unique container idea was inspired by my son’s old rain boots. He did not want me to get rid of them even though he had out grown them years earlier. And so, a planter was born. You can use little kids’ rain boots, you can use clogs or shoes that you’ve out grown. Make sure to drill a couple of drainage holes underneath, but I think for a little bit of a quirky or whimsical garden space, the idea of growing flowers in a little garden shoe or clog is absolutely adorable. So, this was something that I found at a garage sale, we repainted it, distressed it a little bit. You can do that or you can leave it as is if you like a more rustic look. Because this had all of these little drawers, it became the perfect little place to do individual plantings. Now before you start a project like this, you need to make sure you put some kind of a liner in the drawers because when you water the plants, you want to make sure you don’t want all of the dirt to seep through. So, put a liner in, then put some stones on top of that and then your potting soil. Who would have thought your little dresser drawer would have turned into something so fabulous as this. So, use your imagination, look around your home, find some things that you love and see if there’s a way you can transform it into a very unique container garden.

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