What are the very best kitchen designs in a world? Some people’s job is to search and find the best designs and report it back to the fashion or design magazine where we can see the picture and read about it. What a dream job to travel and rate kitchen designs and get generously paid!

Kitchen design trends shift gradually, with fresh trends appearing every 2 – 3 years. The trends seen at Eurocucina offer the most cutting edge kitchen design trends in the world right now. We can expect these trends to carry through until Eurocucina 2016, when new takes on design and innovative use of materials will capture designers’ and homeowners’ attention.

Now you can watch the full twelve trends from Eurocucina in one video!

Caesarstone South Africa’s Lisa Aspeling jetted off to Milan, Italy with a brilliant cameraman from Media Village in order to capture the best kitchen design trends in the world. This video features the top kitchen design trends, fresh from the biggest design fair in the world and includes interviews with designers from all over the world.

Go to www.caesarstone.co.za for the individual video clips and the write ups for more.

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