How the DIY Video Network can Enrich Your Life

Are you looking for a television network that will teach you how to do it yourself? If so, you should check out the DIY Video Network. It is filled with useful everyday tips to help you learn the techniques to do it yourself. Continue reading to learn about some of the things this helpful network can teach you to do on your own.

How to Clean Your Home is as Simple as 1-2-3

Several of the hosts of the DIY Network offer simple solutions to help you learn how to clean your home. From natural cleaning solutions that you can make, such as a vinegar and baking soda bathroom cleaning formula, homemade laundry soap and air fresheners, to simple cleaning calendars to help you spring clean and keep you home ready for company at all times.

How to Organize Your Home and Life

Organization is key to a healthy, happy home. On this network, you will learn how to organize your pantry with canisters and baskets, how design a closet organization unit based on your designs and how unlikely things like cup hooks can help you organize your jewelry. You can keep your home and garage neat by organizing your home with the techniques shown.

Do you have a disorganized garage? Try some of these techniques to get you more organized. A pegboard on the wall of your garage can help keep all of your tools organized and at your fingertips when you need them. Keep your power cords neat and prevent accidents by using cord keepers and spools.

Learn How to Decorate Your Home

A home that is clean and organized only looks so good, but when you decorate it, your home will go from looking just okay to fabulous. Learn how to inexpensively decorate your home from the top interior designers. On this network, you will learn how to make custom art pieces with a simple shower curtain, how to decorate your mantle with the power of three and how to properly stage your home using techniques from the top designers.

Whether you have an affinity to antiques or you prefer the modern design, you can learn the best paint colors, paint techniques and fabrics to give your home a look of its own. Say goodbye to a boring house and hello to a home worthy of a magazine color.

Learn How to Give New Life to Old Furniture

One of the trendiest items in today’s home is giving new life to old furniture using a variety of painting techniques. You will learn how to use chalk paint and milk paint to take an old piece of furniture from ratty to amazing. Waxing techniques will be discussed so your painted pieces can have a gorgeous patina.

As you can see, there are many wonderful shows on the DIY Video Network. Whether you want to learn how to organize your closet, learn new cleaning techniques to help simplify your life or learn how to make your furniture perform double duty in your home, this network will entertain, enlighten you and teach you how to make your house a home. The DIY Network offers instructions on how to remodel your home, paint, install new flooring and organize your home.